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Field Liaison Officers – Job Summary

Key responsibilities and activities

In accordance with the Canada Elections Act, field liaison officers (FLOs) are responsible, under the Chief Electoral Officer's general direction, and in respect of the geographical area (region) to which they are assigned, for providing support to returning officers (ROs) and acting as intermediary between ROs and the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer.

Each FLO is responsible for providing advice and support to Elections Canada (EC) and to the ROs for a region, which is composed of approximately 10 to 14 electoral districts, usually near his or her home. The work is usually performed from a home office, with travel to electoral districts in the region and to Gatineau (Quebec).

EC has also reviewed its governance framework to provide more accountability and leadership responsibilities for FLOs, both between and during electoral events.

Between electoral events, in their respective regions, FLOs lead:

They are also actively involved in:

During electoral events, in their respective regions, FLOs:

Field liaison officer regions

There are 31 FLO regions across Canada. All positions are currently filled.

Employment status and remuneration

FLOs are appointed under the Canada Elections Act in a manner similar to ROs. Their remuneration is specified under the Federal Elections Fees Tariff. It includes:

For details, see the Federal Elections Fees Tariff.