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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How can I participate as an observer in an international electoral observation mission?

Elections Canada does not coordinate electoral observation missions for the Canadian public. Those interested in participating in such missions should contact the non-profit organizations responsible for the observation mission to register and be added to its roster of Canadian and international electoral experts.

Do you provide technical assistance or funding to organizations for democracy promotion?

Elections Canada does not have a budget for international democracy promotion or technical assistance projects. Any funding requests should be channeled through Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada. Those interested in training on electoral processes should contact BRIDGE.

Do you host international delegations interested in learning about the Canadian electoral system?

Elections Canada does receive and brief foreign delegations, which may include electoral authorities, heads of state, parliamentarians, political party representatives and representatives of civic organizations who want to learn more about the Canadian electoral system. Specific discussion topics vary depending on the needs of the delegates, although recurring topics include the Canadian political financing regime, the National Register of Electors, outreach initiatives, boundary redistricting and electoral geography. If your organization is interested in visiting Elections Canada and has funding to do so, please contact us at