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International Activities

Foreign Delegations

Foreign delegations that visit Elections Canada may include electoral authorities, heads of state, parliamentarians, political party representatives and representatives of civic organizations who want to learn more about the Canadian electoral system. Specific topics discussed in the course of these visits vary depending on the needs and interests identified by the delegates.

Exchange of Best Practices

Elections Canada participates in a number of ongoing, major international multilateral and bilateral forums with international organizations and with partner electoral management bodies. These enable professional exchanges among electoral administrators during and between elections to share best practices.

Visitors' Programs

Elections Canada also participates in various international visitors' and accompaniment programs run in conjunction with foreign electoral bodies, as well as in study trips to learn about specific areas of interest. For past Canadian general elections, Elections Canada has also conducted a visitors' program that has brought together a number of guests, including international electoral organizations, chief electoral officers of Canadian provinces and territories, representatives from international think tanks and academics, so that visitors could observe and learn about the Canadian electoral process.

Observation Missions

Canada is sometimes called upon to send observers to participate in bilateral or multilateral electoral observation missions abroad. However, Elections Canada does not manage electoral observation missions for the Canadian public. Canadian participation in these missions is coordinated by Global Affairs Canada.

Past Activities